2024 Copa America Picks
All 32 Game Picks (June 20 thru July 14)
Group Play - $29.95 a game
Knockout Stage - $39.95 a game
Semi Finals and 3rd Place - $49.95 a game
Finals - $99.95
Total Website Price $1130 $595
Please note that all Copa America 2024 picks include a "goal line" and have a two way result (no Draws)
and may result in a PUSH result. This is also known as an "Asian Handicap".
All picks are for 90 minutes plus stoppage time only.
Also Valid at Sam Rothstein Picks, EZ Sport Picks, 888 Sportspicks and The Daily Lock. To get these cappers, pay with the link below, then contact us with the capper of your choice.